Monday, February 01, 2016

All out effort underway to pass bond issues and mill levy

APS is doing all it can to encourage voters to entrust another $575M to their stewardship.

They're getting a lot of help.  Not surprisingly, local big project contractors and engineering architectural firms are spending a lot of money on fliers and on ads.  They stand to loose $10M a year until APS can finally pass another bond issue and mill levy.

Yesterday, New Mexico State Sen,
Michael Padilla attached his name and reputation to the passage effort by means of a robocall message.

In his message, the good senator did not mention what would he do, to address the stewardship failure that threatens the passage of bonds and mill levy in the first place.

A debate over honest to
God accountability to
meaningful standards of
conduct and competence
within public service;
Oh hell yes; sign me up!
At least when Gov. Bill Richardson encouraged bond and mill levy passage in 2006, link, in spite of an earned statewide reputation for its lack financial accountability, he promised;
Following the school election, I welcome a debate on potential solutions aimed at requiring more accountability in our schools. 
That debate never took place of course.

It likely never will, in-especially if we keeping trusting them will more money despite their lack of stewardship.

It will never end if we keep trusting them with even more money despite their abject lack of;
  1. high enough standards of conduct and competence within their public service, AND
  2. honest to God accountability to them.

photos Mark Bralley

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