Tuesday, February 02, 2016

10,000 voters did not want to trust APS with more than a half a billion dollars.

They are going to be unhappy with the election results.

They are going to worry that their unwilling investment will not be invested in the interests of students.

They are going to worry that the ongoing stewardship failure of the leadership of the APS will continue unmitigated by their outrage.

Unfortunately, history leads us to believe that
however unhappy they are, they will not be so unhappy
that they will actually do anything
to protect their investment.

If only one in ten of them showed up at the school board meeting today, Wednesday, February 3rd, at 5pm, they could protect their investment by demanding an end to the stewardship failure that threatens it.

They, in that number, could actually end the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS by demanding an immediate, independent examination and review of the administrative and executive ethics, standards and accountability that protect the public interests in the public schools.

In that number, all they have to do to end the crisis
is to demand that the ethically redacted findings
of the investigations be made public as they are found.

I wish they would,
but I fear they won't.

Half a billion dollars is only going to last them five years.
Then they're going to be back again 

  • asking for another half billion,
  • in spite of their ongoing record of lack of stewardship,
  • because holding them accountable will hurt the children.

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