Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Valentino, and the board, are ready to "move on".

"Time to move on" is APS speak for "never mind the corruption and or incompetence you just witnessed, we're going to do better".

Except that they won't. There will be future incompetence and corruption because when they "move on", it is always before anyone is held actually, honestly accountable for what they just did or didn't do; the quality of their public service.

Even when they break the law, they are not accountable. They spend millions of dollars on litigation and legal weaselry in exchange for "admissions of no guilt" even when they are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Nothing will change because nothing has changed. The Journal is still printing drivel, link;

"“In the end I wish APS well,” (Valentino) wrote in conclusion."
and refusing to investigate and report upon (the) ethics, standards and accountability (crisis) in the leadership of the APS.

Why are the ethics and standards that govern public service in the public schools, and the actual, honest to God accountability to them not newsworthy in anticipation of a bond issue election worth millions of dollars?

The APS Board of Education has a Code of Ethics, to which they are utterly unaccountable.

The Journal could ask them to explain, why not?
They won't.

They could ask them to explain why nearly three quarters of a millions dollars have been squandered in federal court defense of a board member and public relations hacks' egos.

They won't.
Why not?

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