Friday, October 02, 2015

Despite panning; APS board sailing off to Long Beach

If nothing else the Albuquerque Public School Board of Education is resilient.

Days after a major ass-handing in a Journal survey, link, and a month after their superintendent's debacle, the board has decided to cancel their next regular board meeting and public forum.  Instead, link, they will be attending a Council of the Great City Schools Conference, link, in Long Beach California.

They are somewhat obliged to attend.  Because they sponsored a similar conference, link, and expected other bigwigs to attend their gala; they now are obliged to be the bigwigs in attendance at theirs.

The way it apparently works is;

if a superintendent and school board somewhere can put on a conference for the CoGCS, the supt. gets to be the CoGCS "Chair" for a year.  Former APS Supt. Winston Brooks was "elected" the same year he and APS public relations staged their fall conference.
It looks great on everybody's resumes, but is otherwise just another junket, link.

You know it's a junket because when they get back,
  1. they can never tell you what they learned there, and that
  2. they should not have known already.

When it comes to public school education,
there is no magic and there are no magicians.

If there were, we would know about them and instead of the board traipsing off to Long Beach in search of their illumination, they could simply be brought here to teach everybody.

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