Friday, October 09, 2015

Journal editors shake APS' (money) tree

In the Journal this morning, an editorial, link, decrying spending by the APS school board.  The Journal editors asked on behalf of stake and interest holders;

what they are paying for and why?
concluding that it looks like they're paying for a lot of nothing, or a lot of nothing more.

Real "news" found it's way into the editorial.

Reported no where else in the Journal;
"... acting Superintendent Raquel Reedy has no public comment on the something-for-nothing Moya controversy, board president Don Duran (who as an elected official supposedly represents the public) no longer answers requests for comment but occasionally reads a prepared statement.

They complain about APS spokesman Rigo Chavez, "... who has mastered the art of answering questions while saying absolutely nothing ..." and fail to point out that Chavez is only following orders.

The interest in answering questions while saying nothing belongs to school board members and senior administrators.

APS photo
The editors complain that Supt. Rachel Reedy is being less than candid, forthright and honest with stake and interest holders, why is no one of them assigning a reporter to investigate and report on why?

The editors have the power and resources to follow their feeling and insist on good faith responses to legitimate questions about the public interests in the public schools, but do not. 

As brave as they are able;
... it would be interesting to hear what anyone in a leadership position has to say about the district’s largesse ...

I blame the Journal's Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

He and they write;
To deserve that vote of fiscal confidence, district leaders need to first be accountable for their personnel expenses.

To deserve reader confidence,
Walz et al need to establish their own accountability by investigating and reporting on the real problems in the leadership of the APS.

They need to stop covering for their friends.

He and they have allowed their personal allegiances to board members to trump their obligations to stake and interest holders and informing the democracy.

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