Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Did APS cover up Moya's auto accident?

KOB TV comes tonight, link, with a report on an automobile accident involving former APS CFO Don Moya.

I would argue that APS covered up the accident.  They were none of; candid, forthright nor honest with stake and interest holders in reporting the loss to them.

They might have an alternate take.  Likely it will be based on the fact that hiding the truth was "legal".

The APS board will meet in secret Friday morning next, link, to decide what they are going to do about the whistle blower complaint, link, Moya has filed against them.

Donald Moya, Plaintiff, v. the Board of Education of the Albuquerque Public Schools, Luis Valentino, in his official capacity as Superintendent of the Albuquerque Public Schools, and Hanna Skandera, in her individual capacity, Defendants - Number D-101-CV-2015-1940 (Discussion Action)

photo Mark Bralley

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