Wednesday, October 28, 2015

APS' cover up of the Moya accident; whose bright idea was it?

If KOB TV reporter Caleb James' report, link, is accurate, a senior APS administrator was involved in a chargeable traffic accident in a company car.  Unclear at this point; whether the accident happened on company time because James/KOB did not post the police report they flashed on.  At this point, if you want to see the report yourself, you'll have to go down town and buy your own copy.

James/KOB did not report the time of day of the accident, so it's still unclear whether the administrator was on company time, at the time.

In the days and years following the accident, someone somewhere in the leadership of the APS made a decision regarding the accident and all of the subsequent legal machinations; whether to inform stake and interest holders.

The last fist that pounded the table belonged to someone who decided to keep it all secret.

If James were to try to find out who decided how to handle the incident from a public relations standpoint; who decided that the word would be "mum", he, or any other reporter, would find no one willing to defend, deny or even acknowledge that the decision had been made.  After enough time for a phone call or two from the top of the twins to the news director/station owner, the reporter would receive would be a a memo from the news director; "find something else to report on".

The person who made that decision casts a big shadow in the public relations world.

I would suppose that the decision was made at the most senior level of APS' million dollar a year PR effort.

The senior-most administrator, although she would rather be called "an APS spokeswoman", gets paid (a lot) to be the APS Executive Director of Communications.  She is Monica Armenta.

Armenta, after noticing that
her photo was being taken by
by photo/journ Mark Bralley,
put on a show with Maes.
Armenta, and former APS School Board heavy hitter, current NM Broadcasters Assoc President Paula Maes, have enough influence over the NMBA affiliates, that they don't let their reporters dig around in APS administrative and executive incompetence and corruption.

Everyone of them knows that the leadership of the APS is covering up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of their publicly funded private police force.  The Journal exposed it, link, and then let them get away with covering it up.  To this day, none of them will report that the board is spending operational dollars on litigation and legal weaselry to keep public records of investigative findings secret from public knowledge.

photo Mark Bralley

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