Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Retiree survey delayed; scope will be addressed

At the City Council Meeting last night, link, City Councilor Diane Gibson moved to appropriate money to survey retired police officers.  Her motion was seconded.

First to speak after Gibson was
CABQ Chief Administrative Officer
Rob Perry.

My jaw does not drop often; but
it did when Perry suggested widening the scope of the survey.

Perry is not a man with a history of wantingly gathering data that might make the Mayor and his Chief of Police look bad. You will remember how Perry behaved when the press was inquiring after Darren White's apparent misconduct; he threw a handful of papers at them.  And, that was only the beginning, link.

I suspect he has had himself involved in order to do damage control.  It's a small step from being the one who decides "who" gets surveyed to deciding "how" they will be surveyed and the questions they will be asked.

The smart money is on Perry finding some way to make certain the survey doesn't produce any results that might cost someone their job or an election.

Next to speak, City Councilor Brad
Winter.  In stark contrast to his want
and practice as an APS senior
administrator and Interim
Superintendent; Winter argued in
support of Perry's suggestion to widen
the scope of an employee survey.

He quickly reverted to his APS roots and suggested that "... we all define the scope" of the survey. emphasis added.

Again, insinuate yourself in the process in order that later you can steer it.

Avoid like the plague, powerful people who want to write the survey by which they will be evaluated.

The scope of the survey should be defined by stake and interest holders; not by politicians and public servants with conflicting interests in the scope of the survey.

Councilor Don Harris suggested a two week deferral in order that the sponsor could sit down with Rob Perry.  Harris argued;

"Let's do it once and do it right".
I can't agree more. But Rob Perry? seriously?

Who but the Mayor and his Chief of Police would want Rob Perry to decide who and how surveys will be done?

photos Mark Bralley

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