Tuesday, March 24, 2015

APS superintendent candidates list pried loose

Before I begin, I must report my surprise at the number of applicants (assuming they're all qualified and genuinely interested).  I wrote in error of a paucity of candidates. link.
In the Journal this morning, link, a list of candidates for APS Supt and a report on the board's reluctance to surrender a public record.
APS had previously said that it would not release the applicant names until April 2. Lawyers for the Albuquerque Journal wrote to the school district last week pointing out that the Journal had requested the applicant names and arguing that the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act did not allow them to be withheld.
I am amused always when I read that the Journal is having trouble getting APS to produce public records.  This because, the rest of the time the Journal leads readers to believe that APS is heroically transparent.  It was the Journal, Kent Walz, who with Marty Esquivel, bamboozled the NM FOG into giving Winston Brooks a Dixon Award, link.

The proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating.
The proof in this process will be in the transparency that characterizes it.

In the past, they have selected superintendents in meetings in (unnecessary and therefore unjustifiable) secret from stake and interest holders. They close the doors on stake and interest holders and TURN OFF the recorders.

They will not record these or any other of their meetings in secret.
If a judge at some time has been convinced that something untoward took place in one of these meetings, there will be no record to review. why not?

What is it, exactly, that they intend discuss in secret from the people whose power and resources are at stake?

The board is required by law, to tell us what it is they intend discuss and decide in secret. They are required law, to come out of their meetings and tell us what they actually did discuss and decide. The law requires the list to be "reasonably specific".

They have never been "reasonably specific" before.
If they do this time, it will be the first time.

Journal readers have no idea how little transparency there really is, in the leadership of the APS.

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