Monday, March 16, 2015

APS Virtual School in the works

APS is "planning" to open a virtual school next fall.  Why?  Not that it's a bad thing; it isn't.  It's a good thing, but why are they doing it?

According the Journal, link, the district's interests are in recovering students that have fled APS and enrolled in virtual schools in Santa Fe and Farmington.

"A virtual school might help APS out financially, APS Chief Financial Officer Don Moya said during community forum last Tuesday ..."

"... a virtual school could bring students back to the district and potentially raise revenues."

Interim Supt Brad Winter described a different interest;

"We’ve said it before:
Education no longer is one size fits all ... “Our goal is to help each of our students, no matter their learning style or preference...”

But only those who leave the building.

Those who remain in classes of thirty students in five rows of six desks there to be "standardized", will not see their individual learning styles or preferences even acknowledged, much less accommodated.

The creation of independent lifelong learners will have to be the mission of out of schooling; not of in-schooling.

It really is just about the money.

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