Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Editorial rips APS board, misses point.

The editors are deeply upset over a decision the board made last Wednesday, link.

"Albuquerque Public Schools parents, teachers and voters should be scratching their heads over the votes cast by Board of Education members David Peercy, Barbara Petersen, Lorenzo Garcia, Steven Michael Quezada and Peggy Muller-Aragon to keep their elementary school students on a forced march to sub-par performance."
The editors are so upset they urge "parents, teachers and voters to remember" what they have done. emphasis added.

They accuse Peercy, Peterson, Garcia, Quesada and Muller-Aragon of rejecting the turnaround plan because they "... have a political agenda or believe New Mexico, by golly, needs to come up with a home-grown solution ..."

Wait a minute!  They believe that New Mexico, by golly,
should be able to come up with a plan of its own?

Why doesn't New Mexico,  why doesn't the APS, have a plan of their own already?

Read the plan, link.  You will find no rocket science, no magic and no magicians required.

You will find nothing that APS could not be doing already but is not.

That these things are not being done represents a leadership failure.

It is evidence of a lack of actual, honest accountability to high enough standards of competence for middle and senior administrators in the APS.

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