Saturday, November 09, 2013

Where are the Pillars of Character Counts! in this discussion?

I don't know when I have ever heard the words "role model" uttered so many times by so many people.  Most of them disappointed in APS Supt Winston Brooks as a role model for students, teachers and community members.

Among those disappointed with the reprehensible behavior Winston Brooks is modeling,  Governor Susana Martinez and Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera.

Winston Brooks is the senior-most role administrative role model of student standards of conduct: second only to the members of the school board.

Student standards of conduct are actual standards. They are written down clearly and unequivocally, link.  They are called the Pillars of Character Counts!; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

It doesn't make a whit of difference if anyone thinks the Pillars should or should not be APS' student standards of conduct.  They simply are.
  They were adopted by a unanimous school board resolution; a resolution which has never been rescinded or amended and it is as binding today as the night it was passed.

Every year, school board policy is reiterated to students. in the Student Behavior Handbook.  They are told, they are expected to model (honest accountability to) and promote the Pillars of Character Counts!

Every year the leadership of the APS establishes and enforces standards on students, and in so doing, inexorably become role models of accountability to those same standards.  Else is hypocrisy.  Someone has to show them what honest accountability to those standards looks like.

So why is no one asking Brooks about his abandonment of honest accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts!?

Why is no one asking School Board President Marty Esquivel about his abandonment of his obligations as senior most role model in the entire school district, of honest accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts!?

It is because the people who should be asking, won't.
They are in cahoots.

The Journal won't ask.  KRQE won't ask. KOAT won't ask.
And KOB TV won't ask.

Why won't they ask, except that they are complicit in
the cover up of an ethics and accountability scandal
in the leadership of the APS?

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Winston Brooks had a Twitter Account
(Sung to the tune of Old McDonald had a Farm)
W. Brooks had a twitter account (ee-i-eei-o)
His tweet history proves he’s a misogynistic lout (ee-i-ee-i-o)
Had a gripe with the Secretary, called her a cow (with a moo! moo! here and moo! moo! there here a moo! there a moo everywhere a moo! moo!)
Winston Brooks had twitter account (ee-i-ee-i-o)
Continued his tantrum against school reform and called her pig (with an oink! oink! here and oink! oink there here an oink there oink everywhere an oink oink!)
Brook’s just doesn’t care if our students can read (ee-i-ee-i-o)
During the school board meeting his mind often goes a “wondering,” can’t figure out why most APS students are failing. (ee-i-ee-i-o)
Just has to get Monica Armenta and team to do more B__S___ing (ee-i-ee-i-o)
W. Brooks had a twitter account (ee-i-ee-i-o)
Mr. B’s happy to collect his quarter mil for hiding in the tower, sticking it teachers and running diploma mills (ee-i-ee-i-o)
The school board yanked Brook’s twitter account but a slap on the wrist proves the Superintendent’s character doesn’t count. (ee-i-ee-i-o)

Anonymous said...

A teachable moment ...
Animal Farm
The story of Manor Farm (APS)

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

Setting: a dystopian school district (Albuquerque Public Schools)
Characters: Mr. Jones: (Brad Allison) the drunken and first owner of Manor Farm

Old Major: (Marty Esquivel) Originally altruistic, demonstrates the cult of personality and reign of terror that occurs when one has absolute power
Snowball: (Joey Vigil) A born leader--intelligent, passionate and eloquent. Gone from the farm to soon
Napoleon: (Winston Brooks) dominates and gets his way through threats, hostility and rules by fear. He is the main villain
Boxer: (Linda Sink)hard working; "I will work harder" loyal: "Napoleon is always right" and quick to help but is ultimately done in by Napoleon's evilness and sent out to pasture for early retirement
Squeaker: (Monica Armenta) Cunning orator and minister of propaganda who twists the truth to maintain social/political control
Benjamin: (Chedd)Cynical, truth teller recognizes greed and corruption when he sees it
Mollie: vain and flighty and totally self indulgent (just needs those sugar cubes or sole source contracts for ex husband's law firm Modrall Sperling)
Mr. Whymper (Joe Escobedo) Solicitor or lobbyist for the Farm and kind of slippery
Raven: (Ellen Bernstein) Spreads the religion of Sugar Candy Mountain or pay raises without accountability in a utopian paradise for the oppressed worker (teachers)
Leader of the sheep chorus: (Kathy Korte) When she ran for the board "four tests good; two tests bad for little brats" when the windmill collapses (test scores stink and Brook's policies fail)changes her tune and slogan to "four tests good; two tests better for little brats"
Sheep: (parents and teachers) who mimic the words and actually believe the propaganda being fed to them; they like simple slogans and actually believe this seedy cast of characters has their student's best interests at heart
Mr. Pilkington (Governor Susana Martinez) Capitalist

Theme: The powerful take advantage of the weak and power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!