Tuesday, November 05, 2013

APS' Fall Conference of the Council of the Great City Schools was a huge hit! Best ever!

Never, according to a letter from the Executive Director of the Council of the Great City Schools Michael Casserly and published on APS' award winning website, link, in the 57 year history of the Council, link, has there ever been a better conference than the one he just left.

In a letter addressed to
"Mr. Brooks, Albuquerque School 
Board, and (the) APS team"
personally, Executive Director
Casserly sang high praise of their
highly successful fall conference,
a conference which drew the second
highest attendance of any gathering
in the organization’s history.

I cannot wait to hear what Mr. Brooks, School Board Members and (the) APS team learned.

I cannot wait to hear how teachers and students have a more hopeful future in the APS tomorrow than they had one week, so very much effort and so very many resources ago.

What did they learn
that they should not already have known?

It's a fair question.
Maybe the Journal will ask, and then tell us what they say.

Let's see what the Magic 8 Ball wikilink has to say.
... shake ... shake ... shake

"Don't count on it."

photo Mark Bralley

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