Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Bad Winston! No more tweeting for you!

Despite hiring an expert to guide him through the mine field of social media and tweak his tweeting, APS Supt Winston Brooks has managed to tweet himself in the foot, again.

First he (re)tweeted a photograph of the NM Secretary of Education with fangs, link.  In contrition he indicated they would "certainly discuss guidelines for social media use".

Well, either the discussion never took place or Winston Brooks forgot what they discussed, because now he has all but called the Secretary of Education a pig in a tweet.  "Moo Moo Oink Oink".

Brooks says his comment was meant to be funny.

I'll bet if anyone asks him about telling School Board Member Robert Lucero to "get a pistol to take me out", link he will claim he was just trying to be funny then too.

He isn't, it wasn't.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

... and I just read where APS board member, Kathy Korte, is using words like 'forthrightly' in requesting Skandera answer 36 questions. Imitation is flattery. You must be growing on Korte.

Anonymous said...

This kind of ignorant leadership is very common at APS. Winston Brooks allows his Chief of Police to send threatening text messages to employees via his APS phone with no recourse.

Anonymous said...

This is typical behavior for Mr. Winston Brooks. This is why several female employees have filed suit against him and APS for sexual discrimination over the past few years! He has no respect for any female.

Anonymous said...

A pattern of behavior.... wasn't this the same man who tried to bully two charter school administrators a couple years ago, has been repeatedly sued for his treatment of subordinates, and now has tried to intimidate the Secretary of Education? When will this pattern of behavior be stopped? A quuick investigation into Mr. Brooks' past will reveal the same types of behaviors followed him in Witchita. It is time for the Board to look for new leadership.

Anonymous said...

This school board wont look for new leadership because it's these same bozo's who brought Brooks to APS with his past history and these same fools who have extended his contract year after year with him failing to meet his contract agreement and their knowledge of his past and current practice of bullying subordinates.

Anonymous said...

A teacher at Rio Grande was hauled off the campus Gestapo style for posting a commonly used phrase (in reference to a student prank) on her personal face book page. This teacher will probably be fired for violating the APS "social media policy." Brooks will probably get another raise for his crass and boorish behavior on twitter. Brooks hates women and his administration has created a an extremely hostile work environment for women. This tweet is grounds for his termination. Brooks is welcome to go back to his home in Kansas where the men are men and the sheep are scared. Have a taste of your own barnyard analogies Baaa! Baaa! Hee! Haww!