Wednesday, November 13, 2013

APS seeks public input on its award winning website

APS is seeking input on its website. You have found yourself two clicks away from participating in an online survey, link.  The survey is part of APS' half million dollar a year effort to "communicate" with the community members they serve.

A fundamental flaw in APS' award winning website is its fundamental premise.  It is a tool of the administration; a tool to be used to their own advantage in controlling the dissemination of the record of their own public service.  It is manifest conflict of interests.

The obligation to be candid, forthright and honest with the people whose power it is and whose resources they are
conflicts with
human nature and the willingness to deceive others rather than accept the consequences of one's own incompetence and or corruption.
This is precisely the conflict we illustrate when we tell children a fable about a shiny new hatchet and a cherry tree. People of character are candid, forthright and honest in their truth telling, or they are not people of character at all.

We have to make up stories to tell children because living role models are too hard to find.  We can't point to any, so we have to tell stories instead.

Not one politician or public servant in the entire "leadership" of the APS can point to honest accountability to the same standards of conduct they establish and enforce upon students.  Not one.

  Not the senior-most executive role model School Board President Marty Esquivel and

not the senior-most administrative role model Supt Winston Brooks.

Go ahead, look it up on APS' award winning website; try to find the place where complaints can be filed against administrators and school board members.

Try to find the venue where whistleblowers are protected from APS "culture of fear of retaliation" against whistleblowers and other complainants.

Try to find due process free of conflicts of interests and appearance of improprieties.

It cannot be found because there no venue providing due process for complaints made against APS senior administrators or school board members.

Try to find the findings of the investigations into administrative incompetence and corruption.  Those findings are supposed to be posted on APS' award winning website, but they aren't.  We're talking about every single finding of every single investigation.  They all remain resolutely hidden.

Try to find an APS senior administrator or board member, or someone acting in their stead, who is willing to conduct an open and honest public discussion, a two-way conversation where any legitimate question will see a candid, forthright and honest response.

Ask the Journal why they will not investigate and report upon credible evidence of  an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.  Ask them why they won't expose the cover up of the cover up of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS (police).

The problem with APS' website and with the Journal's dissemination of the truth is that they both serve the interests of the privileged class; powerful people who need to manipulate the truth in order to remain in power; our power. Not their power, our power; our resources.

The problem is that APS' award winning website and the Journal (and the local broadcast media) do not exist to tell the truth.

They exist to manipulate the truth in the interests of powerful people, any time they need to have it done.

When the question is;
  • will you tell the truth?
the whole truth, and nothing but the ethically redacted truth, any answer except yes means no.

Someone ask Marty Esquivel,

someone ask Winston Brooks,

someone ask Kent Walz,

Will you tell the truth about APS' student standards of conduct, APS' adult standards of conduct, accountability to those standards, and the obligations of the senior-most role models of standards established and enforced upon students?

Will you tell the truth about student discipline and chronically disruptive students; the depth, the breadth, the history, and the plan? Or will you not?

Any answer,  
any answer at all except yes
means no.

photos Mark Bralley 

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