Thursday, November 07, 2013

This isn't Brooks' first rodeo

I think we can all agree that APS Supt Winston Brooks has earned some unpleasantness over his latest social media faux pas.  There those calling for his head, link.

Logically, the consequences should reflect the circumstances, not the least of which is; is there a pattern of misconduct or was this a one-offer.

This is not his first rodeo.  He is a named respondent in a number of ongoing lawsuits over alleged misogyny, bulling and anger management issues.  He has been sued before.  He has a record.

If the Journal does not investigate
and report upon Winston Brooks'
record; similar misconduct, similar
allegations and similar complaints,
including ongoing complaints and
litigation over allegations of his
ongoing misogyny and bullying,
as part of their coverage of this story,
it will be for one of two reasons;

1.  some ethically defensible reason or,

2.  some ethically indefensible reason.
Something like ongoing complicity in a conspiracy to cover up the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

    photo Mark Bralley

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      Anonymous said...

      Today is a great day. Finally APS Superintendent Winston Brooks true self has been exposed by of all people ... him.
      The school board is no better in fact they're worse for hiring over the years superintendent that are totally devoid of high moral standards and ethics. Of course Winston dislikes Ms. Skandera ... she is female and represents in his mind his mother reprimanding him and his incompetent staff of teachers, therapists, councilors, nurses the list goes on. Unless one is a "Team player" life at APS can be hell. I know I was demoted, harrassed and ousted by teachers and other staff for blowing the whistle on a principal(one of many) who stated on his first day, "This is my world now ... you all just live in it" Very inspiring from one adult to a room full of professionals.