Friday, January 04, 2013

A response to my complaints.

Two months ago, I filed a complaint in federal court, against the APS School Board and against individual board members and administrators, link.

School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel has lawyers all his own; while the rest are being represented together.  We have heard from those, link.

They of course, deny doing anything wrong.

Among their denials, that I am a member of the press (52)
and that I write "original news" for Diogenes' Six (5).
If they're telling the truth when they deny reading the blog (35),
in what position are they to deny that it contains original news?

I look forward to litigation that will recognize that among bloggers
are the political pamphleteers of our day and age.  And that,
as such, they are fully entitled to the First Amendment protection
established for the pen and parchment pamphleteers of  that day and age.

It's a shame that an unlimited litigation budget, feeding from a large bore pipeline to APS "operational funds", money that could be spent in classrooms and in the best interests of students and their teachers, will be spent instead, arguing that they are not.

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