Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Agenda finally posted, Brooks' evaluation on tap tonight

APS has finally posted the agenda for their "Special Board Meeting" tonight, link.  There is only one item on the agenda,

Consideration for Approval to Adjourn to Executive Session Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act NMSA 1978, § 10-15-1 (H) (2) (Limited Personnel Matters) for the Purpose of Discussion of the Superintendent’s Evaluation (Action"
They will adjourn into a meeting in secret from interest holders to evaluate APS Supt Winston Brooks' performance over the last year.  They have known for quite some time what they were going to do tonight - the only reason to wait until the last minute to post the agenda is to diminish public attention.

The agenda for the regular meeting tomorrow night, the meeting where they will approve the action they take tonight, is still not posted.

In all likelihood, the board will extend APS Supt Winston Brooks' contract until 2016, beyond the terms of many board members.

A recent poll by KOAT on the subject of Brooks' contract extension, link, drew nearly 700 responses, 85% of which were against an extension.  KOAT pulled the link down for reasons of their own.

As is their want and practice, the Journal reports nothing.

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