Friday, September 30, 2011

Armenta; lying?

APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta told a group of administrators, teachers, and community members; if they had a question, she would respond to it.

She said, nobody has ever
complained that she and they,
don't respond to questions.

The truth is; she is the named respondent in just such a complaint, link.

The discrepancy flows from one of two wells; incompetence or corruption. Either she "forgot" about that complaint, or she lied about it.

I tend toward the latter. When she was asking attendees for suggestions to improve communication between the politicians and public servants in the APS and the community members they serve; I raised my hand and indicated aloud that I wished to be recognized. She voiced her denial and turned to recognize someone else.

I kept the floor and suggested that the district could improve communication by providing due process for the Citizens Advisory Council on Communications. I held up a small banner with the name and concept spelled out.

Armenta demanded that I hold my banner down;
I defied her unlawful demand.

The detail of APS police officers assigned to Mark Bralley and me, were courteous and professional all evening. They witnessed the incident but did not intervene.

photo Mark Bralley


James D Robertson said...

At the district goals meeting of the 20th of September at LBJ I complained BITTERLY and in open session directly to Ms. Amenta about the lack of response on the part of APS to any kind of communication whatsoever. To say she has never gotten any feedback about two way communication is, as former governor David Cargo would say, a "factual inexactitude."

Anonymous said...

I know that Armenta misrepresented an APS teacher-student rape case in that she said "We had no indication or idea that there was anything abnormal about this teacher [paraphrased]".
Site admin, several instructors, myself had made numerous observations that the instructor was behaving inappropriately with students.
That took a lot of gaul on her behalf to be so protective of her admin that she had to bold face lie to the parents and media.