Saturday, October 14, 2006

School Violence; submit or resist

A suburban school district in Fort Worth Texas trains students to attack their attacker. APS trains its students to lie in the dark for hours, in silence, contemplating their helplessness.

The correct approach could be determined after an informed debate. But the leadership of the APS does not permit debate. According to the Council of Great City Schools audit, the board, administration and Modrall, have created a culture of retaliation and retribution for those who dare to rock their boat.

APS’ Praetorian Guard, according to their union president, wants to discuss the possibility of being armed all day long. After all, in addition to protecting the administration and board, they are responsible for protecting students. The board will not have their decision revisited.

It is arrogant, ill advised, and completely inappropriate.

Similarly, they refuse to discuss their decision to except themselves from accountability to the student standard for conduct; or any other meaningful standard of conduct.

It is arrogant, ill advised, and completely inappropriate.

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