Tuesday, October 10, 2006

APS Ethics Scandal covered up by the media

The local media, print and broadcast, are aware of the APS Ethics Scandal. It appears to be their deliberate decision to leave the scandal uninvestigated and unreported.

When I asked Rigo Chavez for any public records indicating the amount of money APS pays to local media outlets, Mr. Chavez provided no pertinent information.

Perhaps the media is helping a big client with a big problem. Who knows? It would be difficult even to speculate whether the amount of money was large enough to warrant biased reporting.

The bias is profound. The APS Ethics Scandal has been covered up by APS leadership and the media through two elections, and probably through the next.

If the media is not protecting the administration and the board for economic reasons; then why?

Whose interests are being served by the cover up? Voters? Parents? Students? The only interests being served are those of the leadership of the APS. They are not legitimate interests.

There is no ethical interest of which I am aware that mitigates the media’s refusal to report the truth.

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