Tuesday, October 10, 2006

APS Ethics Scandal and Senator Pete Domenici

Senator Pete Domenici owns my respect for among other things, being one of the founding fathers of Character Counts.

I am disappointed that he has not spoken publicly about the APS Ethics Scandal. In fairness, I have never spoken to him personally; so there may be some chance that he is still unaware of the scandal.

I know for sure that Lisa Breeden, who works for the Senator and who is herself a member of the APS Character Counts Leadership Council, is aware of the scandal. I know that she has repeatedly refused to allow me to contact the Leadership Council with information on the scandal. I believe that the stakeholder rights of Council members have been disrespected by the cover up of the scandal.

It is possible, I suppose, that Ms. Breeden has placed herself between me and the Senator as well. Somebody needs to tell him the truth. His home town public school leadership has repeatedly refused to hold itself honestly accountable to the Pillars of Character Counts. They refuse to hold themselves honestly accountable to the standard that they represent to be the minimal acceptable standard for student conduct.

I cannot imagine that he would not be upset.

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