Tuesday, October 10, 2006

APS Praetorian guard; armed and unaccountable

On the table; should APS Police carry guns all day?

After that decision is made, those officers would be accountable to some set of standards that govern the carrying and the use of those guns. Or will they?

By his own admission, Chief Lovato’s APS Praetorian Guard is unaccredited and uncertified by any external organization. What that means is; if an officer mishandles his/her weapon it will be reported to Lovato, who will then, supposedly, report the incident to Tom Savage and or Beth Everitt. Neither Everitt, nor Savage, nor Lovato is required by APS board policy nor APS Procedural Directives, to tell the truth.

The truth will be managed. If it is inconvenient, it will be suppressed.

Students are required to tell the truth in response to a legitimate question. Everitt, Savage, and Lovato are not. Board member Robert Lucero disposed of a motion before the Board which would have required, as a matter of policy, that APS Administrators and Board Members be required to tell the truth. APS leadership is not required by any APS policy, to be accountable to any standard of truthtelling and ethical conduct.

I am not so worried about the individual police officers personal conduct, as I am worried about their oversight by a system that deliberately and methodically dodges accountability.

I am concerned that this situation, and the entire APS Ethics Scandal, is being covered up by APS Leaders and the media. Even through two elections, and most probably a third.

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