Saturday, October 28, 2006

APS lacks accountability; again, and again, and again, and again …

According to this morning’s Albuquerque Journal, the APS have violated city contracts by failing to properly track the spending of millions of tax dollars.

The Journal didn’t use the word “again”. They know better. The leadership of the APS is all about dodging accountability whether for corruption or incompetence. It starts at the top. The board and superintendent have repeatedly refused, in public and on the record, to be held accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct. They will not be held accountable even to the standard that they have established for students.

Does it surprise anyone that there is then no accountability among their subordinates; from assistant superintendents down to principals?

Forget for the moment that they are refusing to recognize that they are role models for 98,000 of our sons and daughters. (How can we forget that, even for a moment?) They are stewards of hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Their failure to hold themselves accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct as they administer those funds; enables, in fact encourages, incompetence and corruption; wasted tax dollars.

The Journal did not use the word “again”. They, and the Albuquerque Tribune, steadfastly refuse to investigate or report upon the APS Ethics Scandal. As a result, tax dollars are gone; stolen by the corrupt and wasted by the incompetent.

Whose interests are being protected by the Journal and Tribune? Clearly it is not the interests of taxpayers, parents, teachers, or students.

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