Thursday, July 02, 2015

Will Walz cover for Winter in yet another election?

Former APS interim Supt Brad Winter is running for re-election to city council.  This despite the fact that he played a pivotal role in the cover up of state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

The proof of the allegation is the abject lack of any evidence to the contrary.  Accountability creates a record;  a cover up does not.

No one has ever denied that the activity reported in the Journal in February 2007, link, constituted felony criminal misconduct.  You can't take cash from evidence and spend it as your own without committing a felony under state law, and you can't do NCIC criminal background checks to harass whistleblowers and vet deputy superintendent's girl friends without committing a felony under federal law.

None of the felonies, not one, were ever investigated by any bonafide agency of law enforcement, ever.  The leadership of the APS simply decided to handle it all "in house".

New flash for the leadership of the APS; you don't have the authority to make the decision whether to prosecute felonies; that decision lies with the DA; who never saw a shred of evidence.

The criminal misconduct was covered up.  It is still being covered up.  To this day, operational dollars are being spent underwriting a bunch of legal weaselry in order to keep ethically redacted public records from being made public.

Winter knowingly permitted or
negligently allowed corruption in the
leadership of the APS police.  Here
seen with Steve Tellez who oversaw
the investigation of corruption and
incompetence of which he was part.
All Brad Winter has to do to prove he didn't orchestrate a cover up of felony criminal misconduct is to demonstrate that he ever did anything at all to bring the allegations of felony criminal misconduct to any agency of law enforcement.

There is no such thing as an investigation done by bonafide law enforcement that does not produce a single record.

That there is no evidence of any criminal investigation is evidence of a cover up.   Legitimate investigations by bonafide agencies produce records.  The crimes were either investigated or they were not.  If they were not; that is a cover up.  If they were, where is the record of the investigation?

Winter's cover up has been enabled by the Journal and Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

Through many school board, mill levy and bond issue elections; Walz has dutifully declined to investigate and report on the cover up and the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS, of which the cover up is just one part. 

All Kent Walz has to do to prove he isn't part of the cover up is to investigate and report on the outcome of the story the Journal first broke.

He's in a bind.  Walz can't report credibly on the cover up without first reporting credibly on his failure to report on the cover up heretofore.

And he would look like a real ass for giving form APS Supt. Winston Brooks a hero of transparency award in spite of Brooks' part in the cover up of felony criminal misconduct.

A contrary truth would be completely exonerating.  Walz can't point to it because it doesn't exist.

photos Mark Bralley

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