Tuesday, July 28, 2015

APS School board to meet in retreat

The APS school board intends to attend a "retreat" tomorrow morning beginning at 8am. Their retreat takes them out of the administrative complex on Uptown Blvd. in favor of the Nusenda Credit Union Training Center, 4100 Pan American Freeway; between Comanche Rd. and Montgomery Blvd., link.

Their agenda reads;

I. Review of Board of Education Operational Procedures Facilitated by Hugh Prather, Ph.D*.
A. Board Clarification of the Desired Structure of the Board of Education Operational Procedures. (Note; "Board of Education Operational Procedures" differs from the title of the meeting which reads; "regarding procedural directives".  Unclear at this point, to which specific procedures they will be attending.)f
B. Analysis of the Missing Components Which Need to Be Added to the Document and the Processes to Add those Elements.
C. Developing a Completed Operational Directive to Practice the Process
*Hugh Prather is the owner and principal consultant of Prather Consulting, which provides organizational consulting to not for profit organizations, boards, membership organizations, small businesses, the medical community, and educational institutions.
Unclear still, what the board and Prather mean by "retreat".
Retreat can mean;
  • a place you can go to be alone
  • a place affording peace and quiet
in a military sense it means of course;
  • a withdrawal from a dangerous position
It can also mean;
  • the process of receding from a position
  • process of changing or undergoing change in one's thinking or in a position
If anyone was hoping the board might be in the process of changing their position or thinking on dealing with the 1994 character education resolution and with the issue of double standards of conduct in the APS; they will be as disappointed as I.

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