Friday, July 17, 2015

Grumblings about nepotism laid to rest

The daughter of the school board president had been appointed to APS' leadership team; the job pays $125K.  There were grumblings about the appearances of conflicts of interest and impropriety.  More specifically, accusations of nepotistic indulgences.

The letter of APS' policy on nepotism reads "initial hire".  Because she has a long history with the district, hers is not an initial hire; APS policy has not been violated.  It does not mean that nepotism wasn't at play; just that technically, it doesn't violate their policy.

As much was reported this morning by the Journal, link.

He reports that APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta, who he refers to as a "spokesperson", said;

“Based on my conversations with Art Melendrez (sic), the district’s legal counsel, the appointment is not a violation of the statute because Dr. Blakey is not an initial hire."

aps image
Associate Superintendent for Middle Schools Dr. Gabriella Blakey seems as well qualified, link, as any of the rest of them.  No one is suggesting that as an issue.  Maybe there are other people who think they are more qualified or experienced and should have been appointed instead.  Who knows?

It's not the point.

The point is; stake and interest holders are expected to "trust" school board members and senior administrators.  They are supposed to take the word of a superintendent who says, "trust me".

Co-incidentally, Supt. Valentino and the board were challenged this week, to reconsider in public, the resolution that created character education in the APS and established "higher standards of conduct" for students and for their adult role models.

Currently, there is some confusion in the leadership of the APS about whether or not they are actually accountable as role models and of what standards of conduct.

In light of their confusion, you can see why people might not want to trust them.  You can see why people wonder about nepotism.

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Anonymous said...

From the ABQ Journal: "Duran...also said his daughter and Valentino had become acquainted through education conferences and their memberships in the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents." There you have it: LATINO Administrators and Superintendents. There was never a job opening for Duran's daughter. Valentino simply appointed her. Why? Is it because she is the daughter of the school board president who happens to be Hispanic? Valentino has booted Shelly GREEN and replaced her with Katarina SANDOVAL. Valentino also booted Jamie JACOBSEN and replaced her with Jacque COSTALES. Go to Valentino's Twitter page at Luis Valentino (@EdChatter) to learn how "White kids are winning San Francisco’s school lottery, and the data proves it #equity #edchatter " White kids? Seriously?