Friday, February 20, 2015

Webcast archiving - the will of the people

The Journal reports, link, that two attempts to provide archiving of webcasts of legislative meetings were amended or tabled to thwart the effort.

The quality of reasoning going into the refusal is frightening;

“I think if the executive wants to do it, lets let them (pay for it),” 
Rep. Dennis Roch, R-Logan.
"When I leave here, I don’t want to think about this place.”
Rep. Paul Bandy, R-Aztec.

The people support any opportunity to hold politicians and public servants accountable for their performance in legislative meetings.

Some of those politicians and public servants would rather not be held actually and honestly accountable for their public service.

Guess whose will prevailed.

Since when is the will of the people a "wish list" for legislators?

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