Sunday, February 15, 2015

APD Police Chief Gordon Eden is a liar

In the Journal this morning, link, editors build a compelling case that APD Chief Gordon Eden cannot be trusted to tell the truth to the people he serves.  His unwillingness to be honest with stake and interest holders goes beyond the usual exploitation of the weaknesses in the NM OMA and IPRA.

They stopped short of calling him a liar outright.

Is there a difference between "telling a lie" and "not telling the truth"?  The Wikipedia has an excellent report on the many kinds of lies, link.  A complete understanding of all the different kinds of lies, leads to a working conclusion; "lying" has to with intent.  If the truth is told in a manner calculated to create a false impression, it is a lie.

It would appear the particular kind of lying Eden engaged in is called "economy with the truth".

"Economy with the truth is popularly used as a euphemism for deceit, whether by volunteering false information (i.e., lying) or by deliberately holding back relevant facts ..."
The editors conclude and wonder;
So, why did APD engage in this obfuscation...?
How could there really have been the possibility of video being retrieved when all along they knew there could be no video because the camera wasn’t plugged in?
In the first place, "APD" did not engage in "obfuscation";
Gordon Eden engaged in "obfuscation".  (he, or someone in his stead).

And part of the reason he can be expected to do it again,
is because he got away with it this time; the editors blamed APD for the effort to deliberately mislead the public, not Eden.

It is Eden, not "APD" needing to;
Who is this guy?
... learn at all levels that being frank with the public is one important way to rebuild the department’s credibility.
Eden's credibility is destroyed by his own doing; perhaps irrevocably.

Is it really up to the APD to rehabilitate Eden's credibility?

Or is it time to find a Chief whose credibility needs no rehab?

Speaking of candor, forthrightness and honesty - check out Eden's official APD website photo.

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