Saturday, February 07, 2015

Federal District Court rules against Esquivel and APS

In a ruling today, a Chief United States District Judge ruled against APS School Board Member Marty Esquivel and APS on three counts of eight counts in my complaint, link.  Of the five counts the Court dismissed, those claims are still alive against APS. The Court merely found Esquivel was not the proper defendant for those claims, which was fully expected.

The ruling represents yet another signal to the school board and taxpayers; it's time to stop pouring good money after bad into their litigation against the public interests.

Three quarters of a million
dollars have been wasted already.

How many more will they waste
in a non-viable defense of
Marty Esquivel's ego?

That decision will be made in
another meeting in secret.

As is their want, practice and custom,
there will be no oversight over their spending and there will be no recording of their meeting made.

photo Mark Bralley

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