Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"No one at the top or middle levels has been fired as a consequence ..."

Joe Monahan wrote this morning about the reform in the Albuquerque Police Department.  He quoted 2010 candidate for governor Doug Turner;

... the problem is accountability. No one at the top or middle levels has been fired as a consequence of the department's issues."
and as a result, the culture of the APD is not going to reform. Turner has hit the nail on the head.

The reason cultures of incompetence and corruption never end (in New Mexico) is because too few of those whose incompetence and corruption characterize the culture, are ever held actually, honestly accountable for their incompetence and corruption.

Human beings by their nature yield to temptation. 
With little likelihood of being caught and less likelihood
of being punished, human beings yield to temptation.

The very worst possible thing you can do is to tell people
a behavior is unacceptable and then enable the misconduct
by providing no consequence.  If for no other reason than it
betrays the efforts of those who do try to live and work by the rules.

Ayn Rand
It is not justice or equal treatment that you grant to men when you abstain equally from praising men's virtues and from condemning men's vices. When your impartial attitude declares, in effect, that neither the good nor the evil may expect anything from you - whom do you betray and whom do you encourage?

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