Monday, January 19, 2015

More "rules" for APS forum; now "no campaigning".

Candidates intending to participate in the APS School Board Election Candidate Forum received the following letter from the Board's Executive Director Brenda Yager; here quoted in significant part;

We received a question about campaigning on school property. There is information about this on the website. Below are two important highlights. You can read the entire procedural directive at: link ...


For purposes of this procedural directive, “campaign” means posting, distributing and displaying promotional literature; soliciting contributions; and meeting, greeting and conversing with individuals with the specific intent of endorsing one position and/or one candidate over another or persuading individuals to vote in any particular way.

Found at link

Campaigning on District Property

Elected officials, candidates for elective office and/or their representatives shall not post or distribute campaign materials and/or greet employees and students on district property unless it is Election Day as provided by state statute.

Persons shall not solicit contributions for any political campaign or receive, collect, handle, or disburse contributions or other funds for any political campaign within or on any district property.

Found at link.
Basically they're holding a candidate forum at which candidates are not allowed to persuade anyone to vote for them.


UPDATE; an update was mailed to candidates this morning;

I hope that you don’t mind that I’m sending this to all of the candidates. You asked an important question, and all candidates should receive information.

The rules do not apply to the forum tonight. All candidates are invited to bring brochures and fliers to tonight’s forum. After the voting site in the building closes for the day at 5 PM, we will have a table at the entrance of John Milne where the forum is being held tonight where all the brochures and fliers can be displayed. We can’t have any campaign materials present prior to the voting site closing though.

Signs within the room are discouraged since they are disruptive to people trying to see the candidates and for the cameras recording for the streaming and recording.

Thanks for asking for the clarification.

We’ll see you all tonight.
See how easily their silly old rules can be suspended at their will?
What's the point in having them in the first place?

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