Saturday, January 17, 2015

Act like you care

Your interests are at stake in the school board election.
Your interests include a seat at the table.

You have no seat at any table around which the leadership of the APS; electeds and public servants, will sit.  Nowhere do you have their close attention.

There is an opportunity to claim "community member" seats on the Albuquerque Public Schools District and Community Relations Committee.  All you have to do is care enough to claim it.

Though one can act without caring, 
one cannot care without acting. unk derived
If you care about seats for everybody, know that
the seats aren't going to come free.  There will be a fight.
Freedom is not free.  Liberty is not free.
The free exercise of Constitutionally protected human rights does not come free.

Do nothing and struggle forever in the futile attempt to assemble coalitions powerful enough to expect the school board's close attention.

Or; step up and claim rightful seats. 

When Edmund Burke wrote;
All that is necessary for evil to prevail in the world
is for good wo/men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
these were the circumstances he was writing about,
and you are the people he was writing to.

If you want your seat at the table, you are going to have to seize it.  You are going to have to stand up for what you believe in.

The Journal is never going to write about community member seats on the District and Community Relations Committee,  There isn't going to be an editorial endorsing them or explaining the good and ethical reasons they are not.

The editors going to pretend it never came up.
As far as I know, the Journal hasn't been to a single candidate forum.  Voting has begun and the Journal hasn't even published the candidate questionnaires, much less investigated and reported on any of the real issues.

Your next and perhaps only opportunity to go somewhere, do something and be counted, will come at the Candidate Forum next Tuesday.

You can put the question of community members seats on a school board committee on the table.  You can insist that candidates respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly regarding their intention to honor your seats.
Do you support adding community member seats to the membership of the District and Community Relations Committee for the purpose of beginning open and honest two-way communication between the leadership of the APS and the communities and community members they serve? 
Why, or why not?

Act now.
Act like you care.

Community member seats at the table where decisions are made that affect their interests.  An idea whose time has come.
"The right time to do the right thing, 
is always right now". unk

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