Friday, January 23, 2015

Clear choice in school board election

Candidates who want to govern
with good intention. They promise to wield our
power and spend our resources with our interests
first. But they still intend to govern.
Candidates who stand in support of returning control 
over power and resources to those whose 
power and resources they are.
Candidates who would hold close, the control over
our power and resources to spend according to their
"good intention".
Candidates who would delegate resources and decision
making power to the lowest practical level.
Those who have voiced no objection to
decision making in meetings in secret
from interest and stakeholders.
Those would create community member seats on
all school board committees.
Those whose silence gives consent to the ethics, standards and
accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS.
Those who insist upon an immediate independent
 examination and review of executive and administrative
ethics standards and accountability in the APS.
Those who would then consider the findings of the review
in meetings in secret redacting as much of the truth
as the law and legal weaselry will allow.
Those would would consider the findings in open and
honest public discussion; redacting only what
the spirit of the law absolutely requires.
Those who hold the truth as if it were their own,
producing only what the law absolutely requires.
Those who advocate for transparency limited only
by reading the law ethically.
Those would rather have their own hand on the tiller,
piloting the district according to their "good intention".

Those who would change the
direction of the APS by
changing the decision making
model to participatory decision
making; government of, by,
and for the people.

Can you handle the truth? 
Can you help steer the boat?

Act in support of community member seats on school board committees.

Act like you care.

photo Mark Bralley

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