Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do you really think you are picking the next superintendent?

Do you really believe that the top ten attributes you "input" moves the needle* one iota? *"Makes a significant difference. This would be referring to the needle of a measurement instrument; moving the needle would be really showing up on the measurement scale"

Do you honestly believe your hand is on the tiller?

In the Journal yesterday, link, we read about the spanner being tossed into the works.

The board would like stand on the brakes.  Suddenly, they'd like to add another year to the process.

After all of their "help select the next superintendent" public relations effort before the election, afterward, the urgency will simply disappear.

Marty Esquivel, the only
one of them who cannot
be held accountable in
February, was the one to
float their intention in our
punch bowl.

He/they would like to give Brad Winter another year to “stabilize” the district.

Between you and me, Winter hasn’t figured out yet, a way to completely cover up felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators. And, their cover up of that cover up.

Apparently, they are having trouble finding anyone willing to take over a cover up whose wheels are falling off and is on fire.

Compare and contrast that with your ten most favorite attributes for the next superintendent do the math.

“I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get him to stay a little longer and push this out a little bit,” Esquivel said.
The difference between the perpetrator and the victim is,
every day the perpetrator doesn’t lose; they win.
Every day the victim doesn’t win, they lose.
Delay always works to the perpetrators advantage. Always

Justice delayed is justice denied.William Gladstone 1842 Always

Esquivel’s and their need to postpone the inevitable is being enabled by their squandering of our trust and treasure, and by the ongoing complicity of “the press”.

Can anyone explain or defend the establishment media's lack of interest in the lack of interest in the school board election?

Forget for the moment their sacred obligation to engender interest by reporting the truth.  How is the lack of interest itself, not newsworthy?

photos Mark Bralley

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