Friday, December 07, 2007

Everitt is protected by Paula Maes

APS School Board President Paula Maes
is protected by the Modrall law firm.

Her husband's law firm.

The Modrall makes a few million dollars a year litigating on behalf of the leadership of the APS.

APS' insurer, by way of justifying the higher rates that the APS now pays for their insurance, cited APS' considerably larger than normal, litigation costs.

APS/Modrall's win at any cost mentality,
the protect the interests of APS/Modrall at any cost
mentality, is costing taxpayers money, lots of money.

The record, a public record, however is a secret.

If APS/Modrall could actually stand on their record, their record would not be secret.

If APS/Modrall's record was of litigating in the public interest, their record would not be secret.

If Modrall was not using unwitting taxpayer support of education, to fund litigation excepting the leadership of the APS from accountability, even to the law;

the record of APS/Modrall would not be a secret.

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