Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Valentino expects all to "give their best" and it's small consolation

APS Supt. Luis Valentino penned and posted greetings recently on APS' award winning website, link.  Among them he writes;

We will strive to share clear expectations – the first being that giving your best is the expectation for all.
a manifestly "unclear" expectation on its face.

Many will assume that Valentino expects that all will do their best for students.  But that isn't what he said.

Consider APS Chief of Police Steve Gallegos.  He is doing his best; and his best is good enough.  He is doing his best to cover up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

After years of lying about a police force self-investigation, the district finally admitted; oh yeah, I guess we did self-investigate a few state and federal felonies.

Steve Gallegos did that investigation.  He did his best.  And now, his findings; public records all, have gone missing.  He doesn't have a single scrap of paper that might have on it, the names of senior APS administrators who were part of felony criminal misconduct.

He gave them all to the the guy he investigated* Steve Tellez.
*The corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS police force could not have gone unnoticed by the deputy chief.  Steve Tellez could not have not known.  Unless he so mind-numbingly incompetent to notice he was swirling in a cesspool,  he knew.

Any honest investigation would have pointed to Tellez.  But since he had been in the meantime promoted to chief, it wouldn't look too good for Beth Everitt or Winston Brooks to see Tellez held accountable for his incompetence and or corruption.

Knew or should have known
So Steve Gallegos did his best;
he turned over to Tellez,
everything that might implicate
him in felony public corruption
and incompetence;
all of his findings.

Later, Gallegos would find himself
promoted to deputy chief, where he
would suffer a vote of no confidence
from the rank and file, and then,findings still missing, be promoted to chief.

Asked for the public records of his supposed contact with the DA's office at the time; evidence that the crimes were not being covered up, Gallegos claims it all happened over the phone.

Gallegos is still doing his best; still chief of a publicly funded private police force. Not a police department; a police force;
  • accountable to no one,
  • certificated by no one,
  • certified by no one;
taking orders directly from, and only from, the leadership of the APS.

They get away with it all because the establishment's media is doing their best as well.

Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz could have had the same reporter who exposed the scandal in 2007, link to investigate and report on the cover up.  But not without exposing his complacency or complicity in the cover up.

Colleen Heild still investigates and reports for the Journal.

Walz hasn't assigned her to uncover the cover up.

He won't.

He's doing his best; but not for students.

And don't think that goes unappreciated by the corrupt, the incompetent, and those who want to cover it all up, in the leadership of the APS.

photos, save Gallegos, Mark Bralley

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