Sunday, June 28, 2015

The first responsible use of power ...

... is to protect that power from abuse.

Nothing is more important than protecting the people's power and resources from abuse.  Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

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Monday last, upon becoming the superintendent of the Albuquerque Public Schools officially, Luis Valentino was given control over an enormous amount of power.

Socrates would have us believe Valentino will be corrupted by that power, absolutely.

Abraham Lincoln suggested; 
if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

But not just power.  If you want to test a man's character you have to give him power and temptation; the opportunity to abuse the power without consequence.  It is temptation, not power, that tests our character.

The circumstances in which Dr. Valentino finds himself include opportunities to abuse power without consequence.  Luis Valentino's character is under assault; not "in question" - under assault. There's temptation everywhere he looks.

There is only one way out.  There is only one way to escape temptation and that is to eliminate it.
1.  Establish standards; clear, unequivocal and high enough to protect the public interests, and then

2.  Establish swift and certain enough accountability, that escaping consequences for failing to meet those standards, is regarded as a practical impossibility.
Dr Valentino needs to act decisively and rather immediately, or he will appear to intend to do nothing at all. 

The longer there are insufficient standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS, the more likely it will appear that Valentino's ultimate intention is to not make waves.  His character really will come "in question".

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