Saturday, June 27, 2015

Should APS spend taxdollars on legal weaselry? Should any politician or public servant?

Legal weaselry; Juris Mustelidae;

escaping liability for criminal and civil misconduct, 
by exploiting  loopholes and technicalities,
to get the better of justice.
APS school board members and senior administrators routinely use operational funds* to underwrite their legal defenses.
*dollars that should be, could be and would be spent in classrooms were they not being spent without limit and without oversight in litigation against the public interests. 
It would be fairer to say, they routinely use operational funds to buy admissions of no guilt, in order that politicians and powerful public servants who break the law, never, ever have to admit that they did anything wrong.

Don't believe it?  Search for a public record describing any limit on spending in defense of one school board member's ego.  Search for a public record of oversight,  Neither exist in any public record. There isn't any limit; there isn't any oversight, link.

It represents a failure of character and of courage; if you ask me.  And I can't for the life of me, understand why we put up with it; in APS, or from any politician or any public servant.

Why are we letting them spend our money to escape the consequences of squandering our trust and treasure?  It is irrational.

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