Sunday, December 15, 2013

Retaliation alleged in APS

KKOB talk show host Billy Cornelius expressed some concern the other night, over a story he had heard.  Apparently a teacher was alleged to have taped a student's mouth shut, another teacher reported the incident, was retaliated against, and now is now suing APS.  It begs a question or two.

  1. Does the leadership of the APS retaliate against whistle blowers? 
  2. Does it make any difference if they do?
To the first; they do.  To the second; yes, it does.

Independent auditors from the Council of the Great City Schools, found a culture of fear of retaliation in the APS against whistle blowers and other complainants.

Retaliation is a bad management tool.  Powerful people use it to protect themselves from consequences of their corruption and incompetence.  Retaliation has no good and ethical use in the administration of the APS.  It makes a considerable difference whether there is a culture of fear of retaliation for filing complaints.

Does the leadership of the APS use fear of retaliation as a tool to avoid honest accountability for their conduct and competence?

The answer is easily found. All you have to do is ask. APS employees could be easily surveyed;
Does fear of retaliation discourage you from filing legitimate complaints against administrators or school board members?
A simple anonymous survey of employees would settle the question at once and for all.

If a culture of fear is confirmed, it would need to be eliminated.  The issue would be newsworthy.

If the preexisting culture of fear has been eliminated, it would be evidence of a monumental managerial achievement.  It would be just as newsworthy.

Kent Walz and the Journal will not investigate and report upon the culture of fear of retaliation in the APS.

Walz is yet to articulate the reasoning that compels him to ignore credible evidence of an ethics and accountability scandal in the administrative and executive leadership of the APS.

I suspect he is in cahoots in the cover up.

APS Supt Winston Brooks will not claim that he has eliminated, or even ameliorated fear of retaliation against whistle blowers, because he has not.

Quite the opposite; he is the subject of numerous complaints that he engages personally in retaliation against complainants.

For as long as the leadership of the APS is enabled by the establishment press, to maintain the culture of fear of retaliation, employees will ignore conduct that should be addressed.

Corrupt and incompetent administrators and school board members will continue to escape the consequences of their incompetence and corruption.  APS will continue to flounder.

Brooks' photo Mark Bralley
Walz photo ched macquigg

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