Friday, December 20, 2013

Disability and disruption or more specifically; chronic disability and chronic disruption.


constantly vexing, weakening, or troubling.
There are students in the APS who have been determined to have "disorders". The manifestations of some of their disorders create disruption in the classrooms and on the campuses where they take place.

Students with disorders have the same right to public school education as do students without disorders.

Students without disorders have the same right to public school education as do students with disorders.

A survey of students and adults who work with students would reveal a widespread belief that some disorders more than others, are creating great disturbances in classrooms and on campuses.  Those disturbances interfere with the right of other students to an educationally efficient environment.

The leadership of the APS has decided that no data will be compiled that documents the cost of unnecessarily enabling chronically disruptive students to continue to disrupt classrooms and school campuses.

If they did compile a record, it would be a record of failure to protect the rights of students and teachers who do not disrupt education and would rather that their own educations not be disrupted.

The enforcement of district and school discipline policies is first and foremost an administrative responsibility. The record, if one existed, or a survey if one were to be taken, would document administrative mis, mal and nonfeasance in enforcing school and district discipline policies.

An illustrative example;
Despite the fact the students are specifically and expressly forbidden by APS School Board Policy to "sag", they still do.
Not APS students as far as I know, but easily could have been.

A chronicle about student discipline in the APS is newsworthy.

It does not appear in the "news" because "the news" would rather help the leadership of the APS hide the problem than address it effectively.

Shame on the news; shame on the leadership of the APS.

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