Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bullying is just the tip of the iceberg

APS District and Community Relations Committee met Tuesday evening, link. They met in the John Milne room consequent to larger than normal attendance by community members.

Had they taken questions, I would have asked how we can talk about bullying without talking about the fundamental lack of authority of adults over children in schools that enables it.

How can you talk about prohibiting a specific behavior in the absence of an evidence of being able to control any behavior at all? How's their prohibition of "sagging" working out for them?  How's their cell phone ban coming along?  Prohibition of fighting? tardiness?  Truancy?

S/he whose will is being done, is in charge. A student defying an adult, is in charge. Students are in charge in schools. And they are disrupting the education of other students.

Despite spending nearly a million dollars a year on Monica Armenta and her "communication", effort, APS cannot or will not produce a candid, forthright and honest description of student behavior in schools, link.

They have a power point presentation for everything else.

There is no power point on student discipline because the administrative response to chronically disruptive student misconduct is a failure, and APS' response to administrative failure is to hide it.

In that endeavor, they enjoy the aid and abet of their cronies in the establishment's media.

Either that, or the effects of a lack of student discipline overall, and chronically disruptive students in particular, aren't a problem worthy of their investigation and report.

photo Mark Bralley

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