Saturday, April 14, 2012

APS District Goals, where are they; what are they?

If you make your way to APS' award winning website, and search for "District Goals", link, you will no mention of new goals. As far as anyone who depends on the website for current information knows, they still have the same 8 goals.

Yet, the Journal reports, link, that APS has new goals;

The district settled on four main goals, down from the previous eight, after extensive public comment about what direction it should take and what issues are most important. The goals are improving academic achievement, maintaining sound financial stewardship, improving community engagement and maintaining a safe school environment.
Why haven't APS Executive Director of Communications, Crisis Manager and Calendar girl Monica Armenta, and their million dollar a year effort to "communicate", been able to communicate that the goals have changed?

A question is begged; how can the new goals be reached, if no one knows what they are?

The last time they wrote new goals, they celebrated them, literally, link.

Do they have new goals or not? When do they plan to let us know what they are?

Shouldn't they at least tell the folks who are supposed to do the work that will enable them to meet their goals?

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Also last board meeting's video is still missing. I had been watching it live and right after public forum it went blank. Must have been one hell of a meeting they want to forget.