Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The coward David Peercy is a liar.

The coward, link, APS School Board
President David Peercy is lying;
intending to leave impressions 
that are untrue or misleading*.

*conduct prohibited for students by the standards of conduct Peercy and the board enforce upon students but will not enforce upon themselves.

He told the Journal; "... the board has “great concern” about ethics, and that (school board) bylaws require board members to “in all instances, maintain their conduct at the highest professional and ethical standards” ...”

The lie lies in the fact that the board provides no venue where a complaint can be filed against them over ethics violations. By their own free admission, their own code of ethics is utterly unenforceable.

There is a full blown ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS. The board and their supt are covering it up in their own self interests.

They wouldn't be getting away with it, except that Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz is up to his eyeballs in the cover up as well.

Either could completely exonerate them self by simply pointing to the place where school board members and senior administrators can be honest to God accountable for their conduct and competence.

The Journal is covering up an epic ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS. Walz is covering up double standards of conduct; students are expected to model and promote ethical behavior while their senior most adult role models are manifestly unaccountable even to the law.

All any of them has to do, all they have ever had to do prove otherwise is to;
1. identify their ethics and standards and then
2. point to the process by which they can be honest to God accountable, to them, even against their will.

Whether they have written down ethics and high standards or not is moot; there being not one whit of difference between the highest standards and the low, if they are not enforceable.

Don't suggest "taking them to court". Peercy and the board (within the last year) knowingly permitted or negligently allowed former school board member Marty Esquivel to squander a million dollars in federal court in defense of his ego. No change has been made that would prevent them from doing the same thing for Maestas.

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