Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Maestas ‘working diligently’ ..."

The Journal headline, link, reads; "

Maestas ‘working diligently’ to resolve $342.40 dispute"
Marc Lowry of the Rothstein Law Firm; the attorney and firm representing Maestas in her effort to escape the consequences of  misconduct, said;
"(Maestas) is “working diligently” to resolve questions surrounding a receipt the state auditor claims she doctored."
Lowry noted in Maestas' defense, that in more than 47 years as an educator, this single receipt for $342.40 is in dispute.

The argument is nonsense of course; the law doesn't provide exceptions for people who have never been caught before.

It's a little like someone accused of drunk driving arguing that they shouldn't be prosecuted because they've never been caught driving drunk before.

Her lawyer wrote;
“Dr. Maestas ... looks forward to returning to her full-time job as the Executive Director of La Promesa Early Learning Center once a full review of this case is completed.”
One wonders how long exactly, a "full review" will take.
It's stretches credulity past its limit, to suppose for even one moment; there has not yet been a "full review" and that the review looks bad for Maestas.

If Maestas' record of not getting caught before is germane at all, it will be during a sentencing hearing to determine a fair consequence; not in determining her guilt or innocence.

Not clear from the Journal report, whether Maestas' will be paying for lawyers or if taxpayers will get stuck with what is bound to be and enormous bill.  When it comes to defending school board members and senior administrators - cost is no object when it comes to their legal defenses.

photo Mark Bralley

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