Sunday, March 06, 2016

Or maybe, there's another, better way to skin the cat (of governmental reform)

Perhaps we could just cut to the chase; draft State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto and State Representative Jim Dines to co-chair an ad hoc PAC.  This one being a Peoples' Advisory Council.

Ivey-Soto and Dines would arrange for and participate in a (facilitated?) round table discussion of the constitutional and statutory reforms necessary to end at once and for all, the culture of corruption and incompetence in NM government.

The discussion will be conducted on behalf of the people and in their interests.  It will take place independent of whatever the interim process ever gets around to doing, if ever they do anything at all.

The open and honest discussion will take place in public.  There will be no smoky back room; no sleight of hand.  Stake and interest holders will have an opportunity to participate meaningfully.

The ultimate goal will be to create a final draft of a governmental reform proposal to put in front of voters in time for primary elections.

By put in front on voters it is meant; the reform proposal will be able to be used as an issue in the primary election; voters will be able to ask candidates to speak to their intention if elected, to pass the reform at their earliest opportunity.

Or not; at which point, one would hope, voters will reject their candidacy.

It wouldn't have
to Ivey-Soto and
Dines, of course.

Though I cannot
imagine two
gentlemen better
suited to the task.

Let's just get it done, dammit!

photos Mark Bralley
cc Ivey-Soto and Dines upon posting

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