Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If ever the NM FOG needs a poster child ...

I will nominate APS Director of Communications, Public Information Officer, and Public Records Custodian Rigo Chavez.

In the interests of the leadership of the APS and for as long as I can remember, Chavez has been the kind of PIO that keeps the FOG in business; less than candid, forthright and honest in response to stake and interest holders' legitimate questions.

In his defense, he is only following orders.
If he wants to keep his cushy job, he does as he is told.

Most recently, Chavez has been told to obfuscate my search for evidence of yet another civil rights violation precipitated by his boss, APS Crisis Manager and Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta.

Armenta is seen here ordering APS'
 publicly funded private police force to
expel me from a gubernatorial debate
 in violation of my right to attend.
For her own personal reasons, and because I won't promise to ask softball questions like her friends in the media, Armenta refuses to add me to the list of those who are contacted in advance of APS press conferences.

I am in the midst of an effort to exercise my Constitutionally protected human right to be the press and she is trying to stop me.  Armenta, and those who enable her, are violating my civil rights.

aps image
Armenta's boss, APS interim Supt. Raquel Reedy is up to her eyeballs in the violation as well.

Reedy is in receipt of a complaint concerning Armenta's violation of my civil rights and is apparently doing nothing.  Reedy is knowingly permitting or negligently allowing her subordinate to violate my First Amendment rights with impunity.

If complaints are ever filed in federal district court, against Armenta, Reedy, and the board, they will enjoy the benefits of yet another cost-is-no-object legal defense and finally the admissions of no guilt in a settlement.

Just for the record, no litigation is pending or threatened, so there really is no reason why any one of them could not respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly to questions from the media

... if ever they decide to ask any.

Chavez photo Mark Bralley 
Armenta photo ched macquigg

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