Sunday, April 12, 2015

Valentino's promise is a challenge

Luis Valentino APS image
If Luis Valentino had raised his right hand and sworn, he could not have made a more solemn commitment;
he intends to collaborate.

Talk is cheap.

The Journal reports, link, that Valentino intends to hit the ground "listening".  We can forgive him his poor choice of words; first because they are not his own; he attributes them to another candidate, and because he isn't from around here.  He has no idea the history of Superintendents who have toured the district and "listened" to stake and interest holders.

"Listening" is not collaboration.  Every single one of his predecessors "listened".  Former Supt Winston Brooks began his superintendency on a bus tour of the district, link. Never, not once, have they come back from "listening" and told us what new they learned.  What did they learn, that they should not already have known?

Whatever are Valentino's intentions, they will be come apparent rather immediately - coincidental with his first public meeting and whether or not he really engages in open and honest two-way communication with the communities and community members he serves.

Having listened to him at three forums, I am convinced of his sincerity about collaborative decision making. 

Having taught in, and paid attention to the APS for four decades,
I have to tell you; there has never been honest to God collaboration between the leadership of the APS and teachers; teachers who between them have nearly 100,000 years of ongoing experience.  For as long as it has been on the teachers union wish list; it hasn't moved much past wish stage of development.

Whatever growth there had been was lost when Winston Brooks, with the board's blessing, clawed backed all the decision making power and resources and consolidated them in the castle keep at 6400 Uptown Blvd.

photo Marj Bralley

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