Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Editors stumble on truth, bounce off.

In the Journal this morning, link,

  • Big things are coming out of a small school...
  • buy-in from students, parents, teachers and staff can lead to big gains
  • Its success can be a lesson for others.
Perhaps in public school administration, a top heavy decision making oligarchy is not the best administrative model after all.

Apparently there is magic to be conjured; synergy.
Apparently there are magicians; an extremely small handful of real leaders willing and able to enable synergies to build in a school communities.

APS needs just such a magician; someone with a proven track record of enabling synergy among stake and interest holders.

There are no other skills nor acumen any one person can bring to this district that will have a greater positive effect than, their ability to synergize the wealth of intellect, experience, energy and dedication that exist here already and in great abundance.

photo Mark Bralley

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