Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Armenta at odds with "aggressive" KOAT reporter

In records released to NM FOG in response to a request for public records surrounding former APS Supt Winston Brooks' firing, there is an email from APS' Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta to APS School Board President Analee Maestas.

Good Morning Analee,

Just a head's up that a very aggressive Regina Ruiz, link, (KOAT TV 7) called insisting someone go on camera to talk about the Agnes Padilla report. I told Regina the board issued a statement last week and it still stands.  KOAT TV 7 is doing daily stories with lawyers arguing the report is no long (sic)) a personnel issue, but a settlement agreement.

When I told Regina I could not talk and that the statement was still accurate, she said she'd try to reach the board's attorney and individual board members.

Nothing we can do, but I wanted you to know.

Thank you

Who does this person work for,
the people, who pay her $106K,
or the leadership of the APS?
Why are taxpayers paying Monica Armenta $106K a year to defend board members and senior administrators from the press?

photo  Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what would happen if the funding for all the legal wizardry would change from operational (classroom) to capital (chamber of commerce) ? Somehow, I think the business round tables would keep a closer eye on what they consider their money!